El Brexit y estudiar inglés en Reino Unido

¿ Cómo a afectar el Brexit a los estudiantes que viajan a Reino Unido para aprender inglés?

Desde Language4you os queremos dar las últimas novedades sobre este tema, según las últimas informaciones recibidas, que os damos en este artículo, en inglés, tal y como las recibimos, para que no haya confusiones:



Hello to our European Students!

First, there is good news even in the worst case scenario – even if there is “no deal”, short-stay EU students who use ID cards today can continue to use them in exactly the same way up until December 2020. Of course, if there is a deal, which seems highly likely, things stay just as they are to the end of 2020.

No Deal

The Government has announced a Brexit transitional period, up until 31 December 2020, during which anyone coming to the UK from the EU or EEA for under three months can enter as they do now.

The Government still welcomes longer-term student but with a slightly higher entrance requirement: Students, workers or holidaymakers who want to come for more than three months will have to apply for European Temporary Leave to Remain, which is valid for three years.


The Withdrawal Agreement includes a Brexit implementation period until December 2020, during which time all travel arrangements remain as they are now.



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